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About Us & Mission Videos

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Communicating the reason why you're in business is extremely powerful and will attract the right customers, as Simon Sinek explains in his famous TED talk. With new competitors constantly entering the software & saas market, one of the best ways to stand out is create an emotional connection with your clients, sharing your values and mission.
Life at Flywheel

Life at Flywheel

This Is Workday—Come Join Us!

Why Veeva

Customer Testimonial Videos

"Don't blow your own trumpet!" they say. Well, hand it over to your happy clients and let them do the heavy lifting for you! There's nothing better than having your "fan" customers talk on camera why they love your software & saas and how it makes their lives better. Tip: To keep viewers engaged, mix up shots of your client with screenshots of his homepage, screenshots of your tool and short fragments of screencasts. This avoids lengthy, pure talking-head video.

Flywheel for Agencies

Explainer Videos

Does your software & saas solve a very specific problem? Or does it work in a new way, that is hard to explain? This is where explainer videos really shine. They're usually animated, like cartoons, or use a whiteboard or hand-drawn style. And they have just one purpose: Quickly and visually explainer the essence of your product or business. And to inspire action, of course. I've compiled a list of the best explainer videos for your inspiration. – How to build a resume – How to build a resume

Hybrid cloud flexibility

What is managed WordPress hosting?

Hero Videos

It's really hard to quickly draw people into what your software & saas does, how it helps make your clients' lives better, and why they need to take action and sign up for your trial. Especially with software usually being complex and hard to explain. This is where a great hero video comes in: In 60 to 120 seconds, it answers all the important questions and motivates the viewer to take action.
Shift: Jake Vs. The Office Show-off

Shift: Jake Vs. The Office Show-off

Shift 4.0 Tour

HowTo Video Tutorials

Content marketing still works, and using video to educate and motivate is a perfect way to get attention of your target audience. Address your customers pains and challenges and use facts and figures to illustrate the need to adapt the strategy and explain the solution and possible results. Software video tutorials will free your support team and reduce churn by enabling your customers to quickly accomplish their goals. And the tutorials don't have to lengthy or boring either: Make your tutorial videos more personal by appearing yourself! Put yourself in a little box, cut between your software and you in full-screen, or use a green screen appear magically inside your tool. This makes your video tutorial more tangible and engaging so that your customers will actually watch it!

Divi Blank Page Template

Onboarding Videos

How do you welcome and accompany new users after they have logged into your software & saas for the very first time? This is where user onboarding videos shine. They give you the opportunity to welcome new users personally, explain the basics of your tool, and point out how to get started. You can deliver onboarding videos via automated emails, or even better: integrate them right into your software & saas.
Shift 4.0 Onboarding Flow Tour

Shift 4.0 Onboarding Flow Tour

Amazon Camera Search: Lemon Squeezy

Wistia — Educate Your Leads

Wistia — Educate Your Leads

BambooHR — Express Your Personality

Product Demo Videos

Instead of doing countless online presentations showing your software & saas to possible clients, why not create great product demo videos once? Prepare great software demo data and record a screencast showing how your app helps your customer solve his problems or get where he wants. This will not only save you tons of time but also make your demo available whenever your website visitors want to see them. Below, you'll find a list of great product demo videos to inspire you for your next software marketing video!
Flywheel | Flywheel Platform Video

Flywheel | Flywheel Platform Video

Projects in Xero

Reminders in Google Calendar

Video Ads

Video is the most immerse and convincing form of content - especially true for videos ads, when compared to still images, text or banner ads. Software & saas video ads give you the unique opportunity to show the benefits of your software and connect with your clients on an emotional basis. Software video ads don't have to be boring, which the video marketing examples below demonstrate. Have fun watching!
Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Need a Freelancer? Obviously Fiverr | Fiverr

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Video Marketing Examples for Software & SaaS