Software & SaaS Marketing Video Project References

Discover some of the best video marketing examples I’ve created over the years, from hero videos to tutorials, testimonials and how-to videos.

Watch my videos below and see how engaging and intriguing video marketing for your software & SaaS solution can be!

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How-to Video

Content marketing still works, and using video to educate and motivate is a perfect way to get the attention of your target audience.

I start this video addressing the entrepreneur’s challenges. Then I use facts and figures to illustrate the need to adapt the strategy and explain the solution and possible results.

User Onboarding Video

How do you welcome and accompany new users after they have logged into your app for the very first time?

In our SaaS agency software, I welcome new users personally, explaining the basics and pointing out how to get started.

The onboarding video is part of the app’s dashboard and starts playing automatically, but does not stop the user from exploring the app on his own.

Video Testimonial

“Don’t blow your own trumpet!” they say. Well, hand it over to your happy clients and let them do the heavy lifting for you!

To keep viewers engaged, I mixed up shots of the client with screenshots of his homepage and short fragments of screencasts.

This avoids lengthy, pure talking-head video.

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Hero Screencast

There’s nothing more boring than watching lengthy screencasts.

I created this screencast using detailed demo data and storytelling to keep the viewers engaged.

Shortening sequences, zooming in and using animations keep the video interesting and avoid “death by powerpoint”.

Sales & Launch Video

We’ve done several launches of our agency SaaS tool, using Jeff Walker’s famous product launch formula. In case you’re not familiar, it’s a must-read!

Following Jeff Walker’s instructions, I created several launch videos that – video by video – engage, educate and motivate the viewers to turn them into customers.

In fact, our very first launch created more than $70’000 in yearly recurring revenue!

In-depth Software Tutorial

Software tutorials will free your support team and reduce churn by enabling your customers to accomplish their goals.

In this video, I used a special 3D webcam to put myself directly into the screencast. Just look at the bottom left corner!

Unfortunately that webcam is no longer available, but you can use the Logitech C922 with the ChromaCam app instead – even without a green screen.

This makes your video tutorial more personal and engaging, so that your customers will actually watch it!

Mission Video

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Communicating the reason why you’re in business is extremely powerful and will attract the right customers, as Simon Sinek explains in his famous TED talk.

I created this short mission video based on a powerful script, emotional music and inspiring stock footage.

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