Video Ad Script (137 words)

-Else y’all over the place.

– How am I supposed to do anything when she’s over here just doing her own thing.

-Okay, well maybe if Dan played more than just one string we’d all be more on the same page.

-Are you out of your mind okay? I’ll do the E string that’s my job.

-Isn’t there an easier way to do this?

When your team’s not on the same page things can get weird fast don’t make your DevOps team live like this.

-Il tutto tuo è tempo finito Dan!

-You see? It’s like we’re not speaking the same language I’m out!

GitLab is the only single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle making sure your teams are all on the same page

-Do you know how to play the E string?

– I can learn.