Slack stepped up the chat-game, creating one of the world-famous collaboration tools for business. This short, fun and engaging video ad shows how businesses benefit from slack. The video ad also incorporates a part of the Slack user interface - the sidebar with channels - in a genius way: Using it as a sort of "tabel of contents" for the video and showing the simplicity of Slack at the same time.

Video Ad Script (77 words)

This is Anna.
And this is Slack, her company’s hub for collaboration.
Teamwork on Slack happens in channels, so…
Anna can see that marketing is working on a new campaign.
While sales talks terms and closes the New York deal.
And Anna can share the new vacation policy with everyone.
With Slack, the right people across your company are kept in the loop, and the information they need is always at their fingertips.
Slack. Where work happens.