Video Ad Script (244 words)

So you need a freelancer the obvious choice is going to Fiverr, in finding designers programmers and more in seconds.

We are not obvious, you are mysterious, you need I’m nonconformist, you want to try finding freelancers yourself without Fiverr, because you have time it’s not like you’ve got a deadline or a business to run or an anger management creeping.

You out of my weight Janus!

You’d rather spend your time interviewing 50 graphic designers.

Doctor store brand stylist

Instead of easily finding a top-rated line on Fiverr, nice now show me their portfolio, beautiful okay no, great bag.

Maybe simplicity just isn’t for you so you’ll find yourself in that overpriced boutique, studio that charge is triple for the same gig and think to yourself well at least they gave me a tiny branded water bottle because you know how important it is to keep hydrated

Fiverr let’s use of the budget without compromising on quality the last thing you want are surprises or setback, is there.

It’s your deadline

Fiverr let some use of the schedule and delivery time to precisely meet word


Great metaphor you can go now! Oh! and one last thing, Fiverr puts an end to endless paperwork that’s right no more forms, to fill out man hey you can probably get a qualified coworker to do that right, Mommy look.

He’s an artist just like his father, do the obvious and find your freelancer at