This video ad is my absolute favorite. I don't want to spoil your experience, so click to watch it now, and then continue reading. This video is about project management software. Sounds boring, right? It's amazing how intriguing, fun, and engaging this super short video is. In fact, it's only 32 seconds! It takes the software - and does show and explain the essential part of it quite in depth - while creating incredible emotion. The title of the video ad already hints at that: "What using feels like". The reward? 2,310,073 million views as of March 30, 2018.

Video Ad Script (100 words)

This is an ad for a project management called
This is what it looks like.
And this is what it FEELS like.
So, the tool works like this: We call this a board.
Just put everything you need to do here, then put who’s in charge of it here, and see where everything stands here.
Also, it works on your phone. Because it’s 2018.
Click, drag and drop to create your board exactly the way you need it.
You’ll never drop the ball on the important stuff again.
So, go to and create your free account today.