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Your customers use phone, email, live chat and even social to get in touch with you. Some of them even use multiple forms of contact. Crazy? Not anymore! LiveAgent sorts all of your communication neatly in one inbox by priority, even on the go!

Do you support multiple companies or products? Connect all of them in one single LiveAgent account. We post your LiveAgent account in our rock-solid cloud for a Small Monthly Fee of let’s say two frappuccinos at your favorite coffee shop and…What’s more? We don’t limit you on the number of tickets, call recordings or a number of email addresses you use because we know that great customer service is the perfect growth igniter.

Bad experience travels at the speed of light, don’t let it take away your customers. Surprise them with a level of support that will make them come back to you over and over again. Because great customer service starts with better help desk software. It starts with LiveAgent.