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Hi, I’m Esther! I’m here to introduce you to Cake. Cake is a revolutionary new mobile browser. You know, like Safari or Chrome…but better. The problem with the browser that came with your phone is that it wasn’t made for it.

It’s a desktop experience that’s been crammed to fit on your phone. That is like me trying to put on my mascara with a toilet brush. Like when searching for something on the web, you have to page back just to look for something new. Tap, back button, tap, back button, tap, back button….essentially going backward just to go forward. And that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Did you know that on a mobile browser it takes 87% longer to get to your search results than it does on a desktop? – No, no you didn’t! That’s why I’m here to tell you these things!

But no more my friends! With Cake, choose your favorite search engine to power your experience.

Then when you search, the magic comes with a swipe. Your search results pre-load, so swiping from one result to the next is a fast, dare I say delightful experience? Because you don’t have to suffer through slowly loading pages. Because swiping through results is fundamentally way better than looking at some boring list.

This swiping experience is possible thanks to some fancy tech thing called Index Suppression. Only Cake has it, and yes, it’s patent pending. And if you’re worried that someday you may miss the standard index view, you can now take a deep breath. Simply swipe to the left from the first result, and there it is.

Another magical ingredient in Cake is a concept called Page Compete. It takes the top search results and makes them compete on page loading times, putting the fastest loading page on the screen first. It’s kind of like a bunch of dudes all racing to my house to be the first one to watch me eat ice cream. It’s kind of hot, if you think about it.

Cake also lets you search more broadly for videos, images, articles, news, or shopping. Giving you a bigger view of the web than a single search service would. That means more fail videos, more cat gifs, more breaking news, more fake news. And more comparing prices on the Ostrich Pillow. It’s freakin’ awesome and sometimes I just want to get away.

Another cool thing about Cake is just how customizable it is. Remember, you’re the boss here.

Customize your search types by reordering different search services. Like on image search! Because my mother tongue is Millennial, you know I gotta put giphy front and center. Worried about data usage or ad blocking? You can control that! It’s your browser!

Cake even lets me cut through the clutter and choose the most relevant collections of websites for my search term. This is like no other browser you’ve ever seen.

So do yourself a favor: put Cake on your iPhone home dock, or make it your default browser on Android. Your future self will thank you.

Download Cake today to see how we’re going to use the internet on our phones from now on.