This is one of the greatest examples of how to use storytelling to showcase a software product that otherwise would just be a plain tool. More amazing and moving Google Chrome video ads from the same campaign:

Video Ad Script (151 words)

-Interviewer: What is a browser?

-Interviewee: Thousands of search engine. Is a search engine.

-Interviewer: How do you get people to care about a product they use every day but don’t really know exists? Like say… a web browser. You start by telling real stories of how people are using it.

From a regular dad to one man creating a movement.

High school was bad. I was obviously gay and some kids didn’t like that – and I did get rest. What I’d love you to take away from it, is that ever bad it is now it gets better and it can get great.

We inspire people on TV and enrich media. And create an interactive video to get people started.

Along with custom downloadable Chrome themes. In the end we generated over a hundred million downloads by showing how anybody can use Chrome to make the most of life.