Video Ad Script (168 words)

This is Brad. (SMS: “Brad, it’s not you. It’s me. It’s over.”)

Brad is sad.

(Sign: “Change your life!”)

So Brad started making changes. Brad knew he’d need some help. So he set a few goals using Google Calendar. Goals like, ‘Do yoga’ (3 times a week)

And Calendar found the time. Look at Brad go!

Of course, goals don’t come easy. Sometimes your boss gets in the way.


Luckily, Calendar can move things around automatically.

Other times, life gets in the way. But Calendar can help here, too.

Because helping you stick to your goals is what this story is all about.

You can even take a few minutes for those unexpected surprises. Calendar always has you covered. Now that Brad is meeting his goals, everything else seems to fall into place. Like the time he met the new sales rep, George. From Spain.

Now Brad has a new goal. And Calendar knew just what to do.

Go Brad. Go!

Google Calendar: Make Goals. Find time.