Video Ad Script (192 words)

If you write anything on your computer you need to get Grammarly .
I write pretty much all day every day and Grammarly makes my writing better
as a student I like that it’s free.

It actually is correcting everything it has I’m writing it.
Grammar errors, spelling errors and even helps me find the right words to use so.
I can say what I want to say it catches all those embarrassing little mistakes before.
I had send I downloaded Grammarly around my freshman year because I was just horrible excited.

Grammarly really is like my secret weapon for writing papers.
It’s the perfect tool for your resume you know you don’t want any errors when it’s your first impression.
I use Grammarly for important emails social media posts which there are a lot of, I’ve used every tool out there and Grammarly is by far the best for improving her writing Grammarly is making me a better writer and it’s free.

I would recommend grammarly if your student my family my peers my colleagues.
It’s like having your own personal proofreader for free download grammarly for free.

That Grammarly calm you.