And here, you've got the second great video ad for their second product: "Let's Talk About #2 | Dollar Shave Club”.

Video Ad Script (233 words)

Hi, me again. People ask me, “Mike when you gonna do video number 2?” You wanna talk about number two? Great let’s talk about number two. Poop – everyone makes it and I don’t have time to jump back in the shower after a messy number six. I’m an executive now, I have papers to sign.

Fortunately there’s a better way to wipe your messy bottom. They’re called One Wipe Charlies and they’re butt wipes for men.

Butt wipes Mike?
Yeah bitch, butt wipes.
What’s a bitch?

Why do you need a butt wipe? Because you’re not an animal.  Whatever you using now is primitive.

You’re leaving buried treasure behind.

You want to get all the golden nuggets don’t you? I’m talking about poop Alejandra

I know Mike, we all know.

Plus toilet paper takes forever. You shouldn’t have to be special forces to extract the bad guy with speed and precision with One Wipe Charlie you wipe once and get on with your life.

I know what you’re thinking: is all this fancy butt stuff gonna cost me an arm and a leg?

Does a bear s**t in the woods? Not anymore he s**t’s in the toilet and he pays just a couple bucks for a 40 pack. So clean up your act with the softest, fastest, manliest way to wipe your ass, accept no substitute: it’s One Wipe Charlies.