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Building a website is kind of like painting a masterpiece except it’s nothing like painting a masterpiece. See when you paint something you can actually see what you’re doing so when you draw a little house… look there’s a little house. But when you’re building a website in WordPress you’re working on the backend with an interface that’s built for content creation, not design. You have no idea how anything will actually look on the site.

Hard to create a masterpiece in that way!

Masterpiece? Pff

Now there’s Divi. With Divi you can create your WordPress website on the actual website in real time so if you want to add a widget or text go ahead and add it. Everything is drag-and-drop and totally customizable like shape, size, font, color and with over 40 different content elements there’s nothing you can’t add. So now building a website really is like painting a masterpiece only a whole lot easier.

Divi the fastest easiest way to build beautiful websites