The most recent campaign from ClickFunnels was launched at the beginning of 2018. The video is titled "This Gold Digger Got Rich Painting Nude Squirrels - ClickFunnels". Would you have thought that explaining software can be so much fun?

Video Ad Script (739 words)

Meet Steve, an office worker who’s about to get his first gold digger. Hi Steve!
This wasn’t your dream, living in a cubicle prison?!
You had the American dream! You were gonna start your own company, be your own boss, make money while you sleep.
Debbie from HR says it’s a bad idea.
Debbie’s a bad idea, she says 90% of businesses fail.
90% of Debbie fails! – Do I know you?
Actually, she’s right, but that’s just because 90% of them have been doing it wrong.
Back in the gold rush, business was simple:
– One: find gold.
– Two: the end.
But now, business is online. And maybe you got a great business idea. But your site sucks at selling it. Like Debbie.
[Debbie] I’m not supposed to sell! I’m in HR.
That’s what they all say. That’s because cheap website builders offer templates based on looks, not data-driven sales principles.
And a site that doesn’t sell is like panning for gold with a holy bucket: No matter how much goes in, it all drains out. No matter how many website visitors, you get no sales, so your business dies along with your dreams.
If you really wanted to sell, you ditch your site and build a funnel.
A funnel is a series of online steps: It turns your potential customers into paying customers.
It walks them through the sale online, just like you would in person.
The low-cost, no-coding way to build a money-making funnel.
It’s like your own personal money printer, but without the felony.
Ain’t going back to jail!
Click Funnels makes online selling easy.
It has customizable templates for every part of your funnel, from landing page to check-out.
It’s so simple my mule could do it if she weren’t blind (didn’t bring her safety goggles).
Wanna be a best-selling author? There’s a funnel for that.
Want to capture leads? There’s a funnel for that.
Sell a product, sell a service, sell to other businesses? There’s funnels for that. You can even sell yourself… no, not prostitution, sicko! Like a public speaker or illustrator or hooker… wait.
A typical user who ditches their site for a click funnel raises their sales by 540%.
That’s five times more sales!
If it were any better at taking people’s money, it’d be called the IRS!
We’re so confident in the power of clickfunnels, we’ll give you a free 14-day trial.
And you’re in luck! Cuz I learned from my legal troubles most trials are not free.
So if you like making money and don’t want to murder your dreams, go to and start your free trial today.
Clickfunnels has helped turn over 100 entrepreneurs into millionaires and thousands more in two-hundred-thousand-airs. Which is okay, I guess paid for this.
What, I’m not a savage now?
You could build the funnel yourself if you want to pay for coding, design, hosting, website building and a/b testing. But that’s thousands of dollars and months of time.
It’s how my first company died.
We buried it next to my first wife’s company. And my first wife.
Clickfunnels, on the other hand, has everything you need for a monthly rate starting at just $97.
That’s like paying the electric bill. If the electric bill made you fat stacks of cash during nap time.
Can clickfunnels work for your business?
It worked for mine!
I like to paint nude squirrels. That is fancy, folks buy them right up. Don’t ask me why, I just paint them though.
I go to clickfunnels, choose the right funnel for the product, upload a few of my more popular pieces, and get everything looking pretty with the easy drag-and-drop controls and with pre-coded sales tools.
I just decide what piece to put where. Then, to double my gold, I add in a few upsales like a fancy frame or a deer picture hanger. They’re very popular.
And within minutes, I’m sending my customers through a seamless buying experience.
Speaking of: You can sign up for click funnels with a seamless buying experience right here!
Clickfunnels has been used by a hundred and fifty thousand entrepreneurs.
Has captured a hundred and sixty million leads and generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
Add that all together and that’s… mathematically impossible. The units are different, but it’s a ton plus.
Every funnel works on mobile so your customers can shop and poop at the same time.