Video Ad Script (132 words)

Kiera and Zach are collaborating and using Grammarly along the way. In the past Kiera and Zach haven’t quite connected. But even though their minds work differently they share the same goal: to combine forces and create a product that will make their customers extremely happy.

Kiera suggests that use hands on circuitry… sorry for the confusion… hands-on circuitry. While Zach suggests wow… that is wordy… they… encourage creativity through papercraft, much better.

When Kiera give Zach feedback she doesn’t want to sound harsh which what makes feel like this… there. Now Zach is inspired to combine their visions with confidence which makes Kiera say… that is how they connect over a really good… no! perfect idea. And spark a brilliant working relationship.

Grammarly helping connect. Go to to download.