Video Ad Script (237 words)

-Ava: When you’re making a movie like this there’s a million things to keep track.

-Bella:  Characters. Scenes. Plot points…

-Noah: The equipment. The location. The filming permits…

-Brock: Actors. Headshots. Egos.

-Ava: Between you and me this picture was really on the skids, my ideas are maybe a little too ambitious.

-Bella: But then we started using Airtable, it’s a tool that lets you organize anything. A wedding, a company, an empire. Whatever! we’re using it for our movie.

-Ava: Glormax is my follow up for my movie “reservoir puppies”.

-Noah: I used to stand up on the inventory I attach photos of everything and they’re automatically stored in the cloud.

Sticks?  Check! Cheese plate? Check! Apple boxes? Check!

-Brock: Cookies? Check!

-Bella: It helps me keep track of all my characters and their backstories not to mention last-minute ideas from the director.

-Brock: We all work in the same Airtable but I see  what I want to see and filter out the rest.

-Noah: No matter where your project is, are to who puts artist stuff, people and ideas in one place.

-Ava: So you can focus on making the movie exactly the way I envisioned it.

-Bella: The way I envisioned it!

– Male character: I’m sorry for all the gross things I did to your universe.

-Female character: Apology accepted Glormax…

Ava: Let’s roll one. Airtable organize anything you can imagine.

And… action!