Product Demo Video Script (354 words)

XSellco Fusion is the integrated helpdesk solution built by e-commerce experts for e-commerce companies. With Fusion you can streamline your customer support setup, saving you time and money, while offering better support to your customers.

With integrations into all leading marketplaces and shopping carts as standard you can see all support queries from all of your sales channels in one easy-to-use dashboard. Order information, shipping status and customer details are included within each message, putting all the information that you need to respond quickly at your fingertips XSellco Fusion comes with a number of powerful features that help your customer support team resolve more queries in less time.

Respond to a customer in just three clicks using templates. Create as many as you like for each of your most common support scenarios and watch your response and resolutions times drop dramatically. Automate the key details of the customer message with SmartTags pulling information like customer name, order details delivery address and more with a quick hashtag.

Rules and Folders allow you to save time before you even open customer messages by automating how your incoming messages are organized. Fusion scans all incoming messages with your rules and can route them to specific folders or attach the labels to messages based on identified key words and phrases. With Rules and Folders you will ensure your customer support team’s workflow is highly organized, efficient and effective.

Do you sell or plan to sell to countries where you don’t speak the language? Fusion’s translation tool will automatically translate your customers email into your preferred language –  and then translates your reply back into the customer’s language. Supporting customers in multiple countries has never been easier.

XSellco live chat allows you to interact with customers anywhere on your website so you can provide first class customer support in real time. XSellco Fusion will make your customer support teams lives easier. Empower them to respond to more queries from any sales channel quickly and accurately.

XSellco Fusion will help you generate more sales and repeat business and above all help you build a happy and loyal customer base.