Product Demo Video Script (411 words)

As the head of my organization’s most strategic business unit I am responsible for making sure that we meet our goals —  goals that are tied to having the right people in place to be successful. And at my company retention is the #1 concern of every business leader,that means it’s number one on my list too. With retention risk analysis and Workday Talent Insights my data lets me know if there is a retention issue in my department, and it’s just a tap away on my laptop or mobile device.

Previously performing this kind of analysis was time-consuming and by the time it was compiled the data was often stale. With Workday Insight applications I can easily get a high-level view of overall risk with key retention metrics that means I can get right to the point and see the number and percentage of high performers who are at risk of leaving as well as the cost impact to my organization.

I let my data work for me and I let Workday tell me the factors that contribute to the risk based on my historical information. The results aren’t always what I expect for example — I thought that commute distance would be an important factor but Workday informs me that this isn’t the case. With insight applications there’s no more guessing or intuition based assumptions. I can now see not only the data derived risk factors but I can also see just how significant they are.

I can also keep my focus on my most critical resources, my team’s top performers. I have the insight I need to see where we may be in jeopardy and how it impacts the organization. And since all of this sits with my people information I can take direct and immediate action to better manage my risk.

I can also see if there are trends for risk in certain job areas. This is important for those jobs that are critical to our operations. With Workday Talent Insights I gain an important understanding of my people and it gives me more than just my retention risk.

My data works for me and lets me know where that risk is. Using data science and machine learning algorithms Workday provides updated predictions and recommendations over time helping me make smarter workforce decisions. Doesn’t your organization deserve this type of insight? For more information about Workday check out some of our product previews at