Product Demo Video Script (244 words)

Tableau Desktop helps you see the stories in your data.

It’s visual analytics anyone can use.

Drag and drop to find trends and outliers.

Effortlessly drill into your data and use quick table calcs like ‘Running Total’ to see the bigger picture.

Connect to the data you care about, whether it’s a spreadsheet, database or big data.

Access data warehouses, cloud applications and cloud databases from a single application.

Mix and match from different sources. Tableau brings all your data together in one simple view.

Sort, highlight, drill down or filter your data in seconds.

In this view, we can easily spot underperforming products. With Tableau you can keep on asking questions in the data until you discover the root cause.

Change your perspective to discover something new.

With a click, the scatterplot transforms into a tree map, highlighting that Western Asia has

several unprofitable regions.

Drag-and-drop forecasts to spot trends, identify opportunities and ask questions like: will I sell more next year?

Add calculations to extend your data.

Transform your data into powerful interactive dashboards.

Then customize them for different devices.

Share your analysis securely on Tableau Online or Tableau server, your entire organization can access these interactive dashboards from any browser or mobile device to find their own answers.

Tableau makes analyzing data fast, easy and beautiful for everyone.

It’s designed to help you be smarter so you can make better decisions, faster.

Tableau –  answer questions at the speed of thought.