Product Demo Video Script (292 words)

Welcome to Streak!

With Streak, you can easily organize your inbox, manage and prioritize your emails, and collaborate with your team all within gmail! Streak is built into Gmail, so you’ll never have to switch out of your inbox to update your work. Every email is a part of something you track – and Streak lets you add as much data as you need to it.

Add meeting notes, files, and contacts; collaborate through comments and replies; and even assign tasks!

You usually have more than just one item to track – so track them all in one place.

Streak’s Pipeline is as straightforward to use as a spreadsheet, but gives you the power of a database, letting you capture consistent data across everything you’re tracking.

Your work moves through stages! Whether you’re managing sales leads or partnership opportunities, you have a specific workflow that works for you! So create as few or as many stages as you want.

Streak lets you track as much information as you need. If you’re managing a lead, this could be as simple as deal size and industry, or as complex as – who sent the last email and when it was sent. You can even take note of how many emails were exchanged. Streak tracks them all for you.

All in Gmail!

So start managing and organizing your emails using Streak!

Streak also enables you to prioritize your work so that nothing ever gets forgotten and you know what to work on next.

Streak is a perfect platform in Gmail for your team to collaborate on – assign tasks to each other, get updated when something changes, and even share your emails!

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