Product Demo Video Script (268 words)

-As you can see for our average annual revenue projections for 2017 our first quarter we’re looking at about 2.9 billion dollars but having somewhat a decrease of 3.2 billion in the third quarter. First quarter raised in the four billion. We need to raise revenue for summer people are shaving their beard…

-When are you guys gonna be done?

So what we need to do is we need to be able to increase our revenue sales in third quarter, so any suggestions that you may have…

-We all have a that guy or gal in our office who is the worst offender of bad office behavior in this case our that guy is a well-intentioned yet notorious last-minute planner. He’ll typically find him scouring the office in a bit of a panic searching for an empty space. In severe cases that guy will even interrupt in progress meetings to see if someone is done or wrapping up with the space.

Interrupted meetings can cost organizations in big ways. The effects of interruptions on worker’s productivity, energy and work satisfaction cost an estimated $588 billion dollars a year in the U.S. What he needs in this case are the tools to plan ahead and to see at a glance what resources are available. With the right combination of technology that guy can excel at his job and is less likely to cause those interruptions.

Check out to learn how conference room and office displays combined with clever scheduling tools and automation can help your organization keep meetings on track and end the conference room conflict.

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