Product Demo Video Script (236 words)

Today’s office landscape is a busy place packed with various styles of work areas, meeting rooms, and common spaces, all of them bursting with technology.

Unfortunately, the management of these resources has typically been left to silo technologies, along with a fair share of guesswork and work-arounds.

That is why we’ve developed Teem, the technology platform for the modern workplace. Teem connects the people, places, and things in your office, improving how your organization understands and utilizes your spaces and other resources, all in a powerful yet simple to manage dashboard that integrates directly with your existing systems.

In a Teem powered office, employees engage more naturally with the resources around them, and as a result, collaborate more efficiently.

Conflicts are reduced, and a respectful meeting culture develops as employees use the context driven booking tools, striking conference room displays, area flight boards, and mobile turn by turn directions.

Teem goes further by giving business leaders and facility administrators actionable workplace and behavioral analytics on how your space and resources are being used, and how closely employee behaviors align with your corporate goals and culture.

Thousands of leading companies already use Teem to manage their workplaces better. So whether you’re a scrappy team ready to take on the world or a global organization already on your way, Teem adapts to best serve your situation.

Simply put, Teem transforms the way you meet.

Teem, meet, manage, measure.