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Tableau Online is a hosted version of Tableau’s server. It’s fast flexible and secure business intelligence in the cloud.

It allows people to answer questions of their data from anywhere in the world, in your office, on the road or in your warehouse. Tableau Online is a hosted business analytics platform you and your organization can start using in seconds.

There’s no setup time involved or hardware to purchase.

You don’t have to manage a thing.

It’s built on Tableau’s server, the business analytics platform thousands are using to share dashboards, interact with reports and gain insights.

With Tableau Online you get the power of Tableau’s server hosted for you in the cloud.

Quickly store data from Salesforce, Google Analytics or any of your databases in a centralized location that you can access from anywhere around the globe.

Automatically scheduled refreshes and add data models to make sure everyone is working from a single point of truth, no matter where they’re based.

You start by analyzing data with Tableau desktop, then publish results to Tableau Online in seconds and share them with colleagues and clients at home or abroad.

Start with one user, 10 users or add as many as you need when you need them.

Your data is safe on our servers with security in line with the toughest practices in the industry, this includes: application security, operational security, user security and even network security.

We understand that data is one of the most important assets you have and is also one of the resources you want to be able to use anywhere at anytime.

Try Tableau Online today, right now.

No setup, no hardware and no management necessary.

Tableau Online – the power of Tableau in the cloud