Product Demo Video Script (261 words)

-Vitaly Pecherskiy: At StackAdapt we build advertising technology to help brands accelerate customer position.

By our design we’re a big data company where we store billions of data points every single day. What started as a simple idea of collecting more data evolved into something really big, and what we discovered was in front of us the whole time or should I say above us the whole time.

.-Narrator: Introducing Astrological Targeting a new product available exclusively on the StackAdapt self-serve platform.

-First you just select the zodiac sign that you wish to target we will calibrate the platform to only target people of that specific sign and then it will carry that message throughout the universe and reach everybody of that astrological sign.

So we look up at the stars and we’re able to use computer vision technology to pick up on duration on the planets, alignment of zodiac stars in the sky and that we realize it’s what triggers certain emotions of consumers.

-We could look into the future and predict what products a consumers could be moved by.

-Andy Woo: Consumers who are not your customer yesterday could be your customer today, it’s really powerful in the sense that it can change daily depending on the users mood.

-Vitaly Pecherskiy: The engineering for our project is actually called the crystal ball it’s very predictive and in the end we’re able to package that together into something that’s presentable on our advertising platform and also is filled.

-Narrator: StackAdapt, the age of Aquarius is coming.Are you ready?