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Modern data centers are evolving rapidly and so are the security threats and compliance challenges facing them. Security and IT ops must work together but it’s easier said than done. Separate tool sets, misaligned workflows and competing priorities keep teams from working in harmony. This contributes to an infrastructure that’s less secure and more exposed to security threats and regulatory fines. It’s time for that to change.

Introducing SaltStack SecOps. The new solution that allows security and IT ops teams working together to define a security policy, scan systems against it, detect issues and actively remediate them all from a single technology platform. Here’s how it works.

SaltStack SecOps includes access to a growing library of pre-built industry best practice security and compliance content. Including checks for CIS, DISA STIG, known vulnerabilities and many more. Corporate security is never one-size-fits-all. SaltStack SecOps allows you to quickly create policies that are fine-tuned to your needs. Compliance cross references are built directly into every policy.

Now that you’ve built the policy run a scan to see how your systems are doing. During assessment no changes are made. SaltStack SecOps reports back issues and recommends corrections that can be remediated.

Now it’s time to act. SaltStack SecOps provides complete flexibility for how you remediate whether it’s one or more checks across all systems or all checks on one system. No matter how you choose you maintain complete control over every action taken. We’ve built SaltStack SecOps with an API first approach but it can also be managed through our intuitive user interface.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for a system to remain non-compliant. Authorized users can add exemptions protecting systems from remediation.

SaltStack SecOps keeps an encrypted data record of your scans and remediations. See detailed information about who changed what and when. You can also export a complete JSON record that can be imported into the third-party tool of your choice. Ready to learn more? Go to this URL or talk to your SaltStack representative.