Product Demo Video Script (327 words)

This is the new customer.

She controls what, when, how, and where to engage with your brand. Perfect.

Let’s connect with her and all your customers how they want with Marketing Cloud, a single Trusted Platform built with intelligence, enabling marketers to personally engage with every customer through any channel, on any device at scale, so they can quickly create and tailor content specific to each customer across everything from email to advertising,
mobile, e-commerce, even social and customer communities. Virtually anything.

You have reached trailblazers status in AI-based platform that lets you take customers on personalized journeys, just for them.

Like guiding Jen here to this previously undiscovered hiking spot to try out those new trainers, you gave her a discount code to purchase because you started this marketing journey with Jen.

Connecting the way she likes, which has helped you learn what she likes, and what she doesn’t like, based on things like her likes, and thanks to Einstein, what she doesn’t know she likes yet because the platform is intelligent.

So intelligent marketers can quickly find new customers similar to their existing customers learn all there is to know about these customers like specific interest and the devices they use.

Create and deliver custom content through the right channel at the right time for these customers, which rapidly increases sales.

Then work with service to keep these customers happy, turning them into lifelong brand loyalists, which also rapidly increases sales.

And it’s all built on the world’s number one CRM platform. So everything seamlessly integrates with all things Salesforce.

You can even plug in thousands of trusted pre-build apps from the Salesforce app exchange, and get help learning all there is to know through trailhead.

Letting you personally connect at each and every stage with each every one of your customers.

Visit trailhead to get started and learn how to deliver personalized customer engagement at scale with Marketing Cloud.

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