Product Demo Video Script (233 words)

Marketing Cloud Email Studio is the leading enterprise email marketing platform, allowing marketers to deliver intelligent, personalized messages at scale, connecting commerce, sales, service and customer communities for consistent customer journey.

Now each message can be tailored using an intuitive UI with drag and drop tools easily customizing content for your target audience, while personalizing unique content for each subscriber and with Einstein AI  integrated into the platform email marketers can predict the needs of their customers, allowing them to recommend the right product at the right time.

With triggered automations brands can connect with millions of customers, sending one to one messages at scale even during peak times.

Email Studio lets you easily switch between using templates or code when building the right look and feel of your message.

When you’re ready review each email before sending to ensure the right content is crafted for every subscriber. Once set, marketers can use first party data to target and attract new customers through advertising across the web or connect with them on their mobile devices.

Then real time analytics monitors campaign performance across the entire customer journey to better optimized campaigns and ensure user stay engaged.

You can improve content, monitor campaigns and manage user accounts from anywhere.

Visit Trailhead to get started and see how to deliver intelligent, personalized messages at scale. With Marketing Cloud Email Studio, blaze your trail with Salesforce.