Product Demo Video Script (303 words)

Hi there! Thanks for checking out Roomsy. This is a quick 1-minute introduction video to help you understand how Roomsy works

So in front of you, you’ll see the list of rooms vertically and the dates horizontally. Today is highlighted in yellow. You can change the room names by simply clicking on them. As for the bookings the orange blocks are checkouts. The green blocks are in-house guests and the blue blocks are reservations.

Now, let’s create a reservation. Just click and drag and let go, and the window will open. In here, we can enter the guest’s information, enter the rate, and maybe some notes. Then, let’s finish creating the booking.There, we just made a booking in 10 seconds. Easy, right?

Because this reservation is checking in today, it will also show up in our Today’s highlight panel. Now let’s imagine this person is at the hotel, and wants to check in. Simply click on the reservation that we just created, 
in here, you can print the registration card or leave notes for the housekeepers.

Let’s check the person in. The booking is now marked as in-house. If the guest wants to pay for the booking, open the booking, and click on [Open Invoice]. Everything in this page is customizable. Here you can enter the charges and payments.

Let’s say this person is paying for the stay. 
Click on Add Payments, and there. Easy right? You can also print or email the invoice And that’s it. Those are basics.

Believe it or not, you’re almost ready to start using Roomsy now. And if you have any questions, 
please send us an email or call us. We’ll be happy to help you.

Thanks again for trying out our trial version. 
Have Fun!