Product Demo Video Script (157 words)

With Xero Projects, see which projects are profitable and which ones are slowing you down. Use Projects to monitor budgets, costs, staff time, and most importantly, profitability across all your projects. Easily set up new projects. Invite users to have access to projects only, or give users access to invoices and other features and Xero as well.

Projects integrates seamlessly with Xero, meaning you don’t need to duplicate information across your contacts, invoices or bills. It’s all in one place. Capture time and expenses for each project as you go and easily monitor time as it’s recorded using the staff time overview. Invoice the way you want to, fixe price, progress payments, or time and materials. You can also receive deposits against Projects.

Detailed reports help you see how much time you’ve logged for each project, how you’re doing compared to estimates and how much you could potentially invoice your client. Get started with Xero Projects today.