Product Demo Video Script (187 words)

Welcome to Pipefy!

Organizing your activities may seem tricky, what if it could be simple? Look at Pipefy as a white canvas. Let’s say you have an activity that goes through three different steps need another one? No problem! Easy right?

Whether you’re managing a few things or a handful of them with Pipefy you can easily keep track of what everyone’s doing and what they need to do next.

Got it? Now let’s see how it works. Everything you need to know to get this card started goes on the start form. Do you need a checklist? What about a due date? Just add all the fields you need simple as that.

Your card is now on the first phase. On the left you see the information you’ve added in the form, on the right everything you need to do before moving to the next phase.

Phase one done! Let’s move forward, what if you need to attach something to each card on phase two?  That won’t be a problem. You can manage anything you want any way you need it, this is Pipefy. Easy right?