Product Demo Video Script (264 words)

Meet Zack. Zack is a professional web developer. He wants to build a phone system into his current application. After doing some initial research, Zack realizes he’s in for quite a bit of work.

Before he can even start prototyping, he has to read through tons of documentation, educate himself on how a phone even works, and design all of his call logic. He spends an entire development sprint, churning out boring code, just in order to create a prototype of his application. It’s not over yet though.

Now he needs to host his application somewhere and began testing it. On top of that, he also needs to collaborate with and collect feedback from multiple stakeholders within his organization. There should be a better way to do this.

Introducing PHLO. Plivo: High Level Objects, a whole new way of integrating communications into your application. Zack simply drags the components onto the canvas, connects them in a logical sequence, and has a functional app ready in minutes.

With a single click PHLO automatically generates already to deploy application posted in the cloud. From simple use cases like order notifications to complex ones, like a fully featured call center, PHLO can make it happen. Plus, PHLO makes collaborating with colleagues and integrating feedback easier than ever.

Now, enabling communications is like working with Lego blocks, SMS, calls, IVR, and conferences. Everything is a component now. Thanks to PHLO Zack can read less, code less and ship more. Embrace the new way of integrating communications in your project, sign up on and start building today.