Product Demo Video Script (216 words)

Do you use a notebook, spreadsheet or time clock for your employee timekeeping? There’s a better way for you to manage this important task. Patriots online Time and Attendance software can simplify and streamline your timekeeping and payroll.

Here’s how it works. Employees will use their free my Patriot employee portal to enter their hours. You set up whether they use a time punch or manually enter the hours that they worked.

They can also enter any sick time or vacation time that they use. View their remaining time off balances and any past time card. On payday you can view and approve the  timecards then send the completed time cards to pay roll with the click of the button.

Employee hours are automatically filled in for you when you go to run the payroll our time and attendance software is made for small businesses but don’t take our word for it listen to what our customers have to say.

With the free setup offered by Patriot software it’s virtually brainless all I have to do is plug in the hours and click the button. It’s done! By switching to Patriot software I’m saving nearly 400% from my previous payroll option.

Patriots Time and Attendance Software helps you keep your time and money. Try it free today!