Product Demo Video Script (169 words)

Happy holidays from Celonis!

Santa runs a complex global operation. At the center of this operation is his critical “Wish-to-Present” process.

Over the next 12 days, we at Celonis will be working closely with Santa to help transform his holiday operations.

The first step of any transformation is knowing your “as-is” process, and here at Santa’s “Wish- to-Present” process you can see he receives wishes, validates “nice”, sends wishes to elfin manufacturing, gift wrapping, ribbons and bows, then on to the North Pole warehouse, and finally, onto the sleigh and under the tree.

With Celonis you quickly and easily can understand exactly what’s going on at the North Pole.

What’s powerful about the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud is that by using process mining technology we can see the digital the footprints left behind by Santa’s elves and reindeer and get critical insights into the process.

For example, we can see that although he receives wishes all year he has only 24 hours to go from the sleigh to under the tree.