Product Demo Video Script (376 words)

Rich and diverse consumer data will become a commodity. As a result consumer data will be available in every marketing channel. Think about a world where you have tons of data, customer data, it’s cheap and you have it in every channel. What does that mean? What will this create? What I believe this will create is this this abundance of data will lead to a single, continuous customer lifecycle.

All marketing campaigns will be built with a ‘starting a conversation’ mindset versus a ‘look at me’ type of a mindset. We will no longer look at it as converting or acquiring or retaining customers. Instead what we’re only going to be doing is building relationships with people.

All marketing will become relationship marketing.

So we ask a question: Does the relationship start at the  first date? – So even before you see somebody you engage digitally right? There’s SMS and phone calls and maybe today even more than that with Tinder and Facebook and things like that. So actually the relationship starts before you see somebody and that’s that’s the main message that we want to convey here. So we’re making the anonymous known.

We walk on databases of customers that we know. But essentially with technology today we’ve built this infrastructure that contains essentially two major data sets.And next, start an announcement about the new product release new product innovation in our sixth version.

When does a relationship start? First kiss. First date. First sleepover. No! Relationships start long before that. So windows relationship marketing start. Newsletter subscription. First purchase. Not anymore. Relationship marketing starts long before that.

This visitor lifecycle stage is essentially a step towards the future in the sense that we are now making this connection, we are now connecting retention and conversion, and conversion optimization is no longer siloed.

It’s no longer isolated and is ran by of course I know it’s gonna take time and a lot of you, a lot of your companies are built in a way that these departments are still separate. But ask yourself this: will they stay separate in 10 years? Probably not. So we want to be there. We want to be there when everything becomes relationship marketing. We are relationship marketing today