Product Demo Video Script (365 words)

-Matthew Brogie: Repsly allows you to see what your rep see in the field in real time. Repsly is so simple and so adaptable that it allows lean organizations to iterate very successfully to improve the process and improve the implementation of Repsly over and over.

-Marko Kovak: Repsly was built on the belief that all the tools available were too complex and too hard to use. Six years ago I was working on a project for a large cosmetic multinational in Croatia. We were building the tool and they were using it to protract their outsourced distribution. When we ended the project we realize that this is something that a lot of companies around the world need and we started working on the product.

-Richard April: It’s more than just a monetary tool. It’s a productivity tool that allows their field reps to work in real time not have to fill out any paper forms and they have a mobile app that becomes their working tool.

Managers have a very intuitive map, pins pop up on the map as reps complete any activity in the field. In addition, there’s a stream of activities that flows up under the map much like a Twitter feed or a Facebook feed, where managers can see the activities as they’re occurring out in the field.

-Marcus Gordon: Repsly make life easy and that’s the most important part. We’re all really busy we all have a lot to do and we all have to manage a field team, even if they think you field team is really doing exceptionally well there’s always room for improvement.

-Matthew Brogie: Some of our customers have called Repsly a virtual manager because they feel like they are riding with their reps sitting in the seat next to them in the car, walking down the aisle with them in the store, looking at the shelves with them in real-time. So it’s like they’re right there with them right there next to them.

-Marko Kovak: You’ll be able to communicate with them. You’ll be able to coach them and the whole organization will become better not in a week or in a month but today.