Product Demo Video Script (408 words)

Say hello to Framer X a brand new tool that makes interaction design as easy as drag and drop.

You can now mock-up wireframes, prototype realistic interactive flows and build entire design systems, all in one place.

It’s a dream design tool that’s both advanced and easy for just about anyone to use.

You can design and export graphics using our vector editing tool kit and style them with the hundreds of options we have available.

Anything you create is immediately responsive so design once and watch as your frames adapt across every device size.

But that’s not all thanks to our interactive tool kit you can now visually design popular interaction patterns like swipeable or scrollable content areas.

Then it’s as easy as point-and-click to link between multiple frames with the option to customize each individual transition for a higher level of fidelity and thanks to a real-time preview you can always test how your designs feel every step of the way.

Framer X relies on both visual and interactive components to speed up your workflow.

Turn any single element group or interaction into a reusable component.

Update the master component to reflect changes across the board or customize a single instance for finer and more granular control.

Need more advanced components?

From interactive design systems to video players Live Maps real data generators and intricate animations our in-app store contains an immense collection of packages all contributed by our community of designers and engineers.

Simply search install and add to your design.

Everything works out of the box but you still have the option to use simple code or the properties panel to customize or build upon anything you download.

Made something you want to share with the world? Publish your own package of components to the store and watch as your work helps others in ways you never imagined possible.

We know many of you work within large teams suing Framer X you can now access the private company store where all your internal assets and components will be available for download.

You can even upload and contribute to your team’s living design system.

Interactive components and Framer X are all reactivates so engineers can now build upon your designs instead of simply replicating them.

Even better you can design using production level components directly in Framer X it’s a single source of truth for everyone on your team that isn’t just think it’s unified.