Product Demo Video Script (684 words)

For decades now the process of Discovery has been inefficient, error-prone and costly. Involving a patchwork of tedious processes and overly complicated software. For legal practitioners Discovery was not only inefficient and insecure, it was very expensive and the component costs were not transparent.

The designers of Logikcull realized that in reality the process of Discovery is actually very straightforward consisting of three basic steps — upload, search and download. Logikcull was designed with the aim of automating Discovery giving its customers more control, better security and more predictable costs.

By utilizing cloud technology Logikcull is easy to use without extensive training and that’s accessible on any computer, phone or tablet. In the next few minutes we’ll show you how Logikcull is cloud-based discovery automation replaces the antiquated processes and overly complicated software that has historically been called eDiscovery.

The first step in Discovery is collecting and uploading data. Logikcull helps you do that with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Simply open a browser, drag data into Logikcull and upload to Logikcull securely. Logikcull allows anyone with access to the Internet to upload documents and data securely – have a custodian in Hong Kong? Simply give that person the appropriate level of access and they can upload data remotely to your project.

Data collection and processing is no longer a headache with Logikcull. Every upload is processed automatically, deduplication is automatic and attachments are extracted from email and scanned. Images with text are scanned using optical character recognition technology. Logikcull takes care of everything – no preparation is needed and nothing needs to be delivered physically.

When upload and processing are complete Logikcull notifies you with a detailed report of your document upload. At a glance the report shows you what was found in the upload including the number of duplicates, total pages render, and files with potentially privileged information.

So that you never need to worry about data spoliation, document metadata is automatically preserved for searching and downloading. And if you forget something simply drag it in and add it to the project. If you can upload a picture to Facebook you can do Discovery automation with Logikcull .

Once uploaded, documents can easily be searched in Logikcull’s intuitive search interface – ever search for something on Google or Amazon? Well, if you have you’re ready to search within Logikcull. Logikcull is as a simple and powerful filtering functionality called ‘culling intelligence’. At a glance you can filter documents by custodian, document type, email domain, language and many other criteria.

Logikcull even has the ability to sort documents using a documents native metadata. Hidden comments and speaker notes are easily revealed. Irrelevant documents can easily be called from a document set reducing the amount of documents sent for review and greatly reducing the cost of review.

Review in Logikcull is powerful and easy to learn. Filter documents can quickly be examined in Logikcull’s preview window, documents can be seen in their native format or as text files. Tagging of documents can be done individually or in mass, redactions within documents are created with only a few clicks.

Collaboration is also seamless, users can share comments and documents can be shared securely via secure link. Outside accountants and vendors can be invited into Logikcull for a view. Access levels can be managed and no software is required for invited users, and because Logikcull is web-based everything can be reviewed on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Once data has been searched and reviewed it can be easily downloaded in any format for production. Formats supported for production include summation, relativity and concordance to name a few. Logikcull also offers custom production templates, load files are created

automatically and it’s also easy to choose file types for production. Once you’ve selected the settings simply click and your production is ready for download. With Logikcull it’s that easy.

We hope you enjoyed this demo of Logikcull. Feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to get you started with a free trial. Take back control of Discovery from end to end with Discovery automation from Logikcull.