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Most organizations have embraced cloud computing and containers but one of the big challenges of containers is monitoring them. Here’s why! Containers are ephemeral and spin up and down quickly as needed. This is tough for traditional monitoring solutions to manage.

How do you make sure these ephemeral resources are added and removed from monitoring? How do you tie data from different containers together? So you have a long term view of the overarching application performance.

What’s needed is a monitoring solution optimized for containers. Two features in the LogicMonitor platform can help. Kubernetes Monitoring and LM Service Insight provide visibility into containerized environments and better insight into the applications running in them. LogicMonitor’s kubernetes monitoring allows you to more effectively monitor kubernetes clusters.

Kubernetes nodes, pod services and containers are automatically added into monitoring. LogicMonitor then collects data for these resources by the kubernetes API. Users leverage LogicMonitor’s existing library of applications specific monitoring templates called logic modules for comprehensive monitoring of applications running within the containers.

LM Service Insight groups monitor resources into logical services and aggregates data across these dynamic resources. This allows users to monitor alert on and measure SLA compliance for the overall logical service, which is not always the same as the health of the underlying resources.

Using LM Service Insight to monitor dynamic services such as applications running in a containerized environment you benefit from reduced alert noise because you get alerted on service level issues only. If it’s supporting resource degrades but doesn’t affect the overall performance of the logical micro service LogicMonitor won’t issue an unnecessary alert .

With LM Service Insight alerts for logical services include contextual information about which underlying resource is causing problems. This lets you drill down into that underlying resource to resolve an issue quickly.

LM Service Insight provides a continuous view of application performance even when the underlying resources are ephemeral. Ephemeral resources are automatically added to and removed from the overarching logical service, and the application data is aggregated.

This means LogicMonitor keeps accurate and complete historical data for up to two years allowing you to correlate events with past performance. Something impossible to accomplish with traditional monitoring. We live in a containerized world let LogicMonitor get that world under control.