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The total cost of Microsoft 365 for your customers is not limited to the license fees although they can be substantial in their own right.

Often though, the costs associated with wasted time, cumbersome administration requirements, an employee downtime far outweigh the license fees.

One of the quickest wins for your customers is using our streamlined role-based access controls.

When an organization assigns access by role they have fewer global admins and better overall security but they also benefit from significant reductions in IT labor costs, and savings in reduced employee downtime that are magnitudes higher.

For example a 10,000 person company can save many tens of thousands of dollars in reduced IT labor but many hundreds of thousands in reduced downtime as delegated admins really understand how to keep their specific subsets of users productive, and then we get to the actual license costs and management’s.

You can use our features to segment your customers licenses into sub pools and thereby enable them to track usage and costs for each of their team’s departments or locations.

Different locations and departments can then use what they need, achieve their own productivity goals and do this within their own budgetary control.

By using our license management and role based access control features you can decrease the total cost of ownership for your customers investments in Microsoft 365 in a way that best suits them.

CoreView provides the data the insights and the actual processes to enable comprehensive cost management and you can use your knowledge of your customers and your additional IP to ensure that you are the Microsoft 365 TCO heroes for your customers

CoreView we provide the data, the insight and in actionable processes while you build your professional services.