Product Demo Video Script (540 words)

Welcome to Iterable an integrated cross-channel platform built for marketers, trusted by engineers, and designed with intelligence. So what is Iterable?  Iterable is the growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns with unparalleled data flexibility. Leading brands like Zillow, SeatGeek and Box choose Iterable to power world-class customer engagement.

Iterable enables the modern marketer to orchestrate consistent on brand messages across all the channels including Email, Mobile Push, SMS, In-App, Web Push, social retargeting and direct mail. Whether your brand is activating a new user or re-engaging a loyal customer interval helps you deliver a seamless brand experience throughout the lifecycle.

Understanding your audience is one of the first steps of an effective campaign strategy. With Iterable you can quickly segment your audience to match multiple criteria including contact properties, purchase history, email engagement and even mobile app uninstalls. Other actions you can take are to create look-alike audiences, create static and dynamic lists and understand your customers’ unique characteristics based on hundreds of demographic and custom event data fields for each user profile.

But don’t worry about data point limitations or data silos. Iterable is modern architecture, underpinned by elasticsearch technology. Is designed to scale and allow you to leverage an unlimited amount of customer data. You can integrate all types of data: demographic, event and behavioral data from all different sources, resulting in a faster implementation time and a faster time to value.

We live in the now economy where customers are demanding personalization, but how do we accomplish this? With Iterable you can create highly targeted messaging that is unique to the user regardless of where the user may be in the lifecycle. You can build personalized dynamic content with Iterable’s easy to use template builder, advanced templating language, real-time data feeds and snippets to standardize content across your email and mobile campaigns.

Visualizing the entire customer journey throughout the lifecycle from activation to re-engagement is one of the most powerful differentiators of Iterable. With Workflow Studio you can drag and drop to create dynamic, behaviour-based, cross-channel campaigns. Everything from scheduling delays to automating workflows makes customer engagement an achievable goal.

Iterable’s Workflow Studio truly brings your campaign strategy to life. Taking what you drew on the whiteboard and activating your messaging in one single platform.

And no campaign is complete without optimizing your campaign performance. Iterable insights is designed to help you visualize your campaigns,  track your performance and iterate quickly. Choose from several different chart types providing a running list of campaigns and maximize your campaign success with custom reports and dashboards.

Once you have a snapshot of your campaign performance you can leverage experiments to improve critical campaign metrics through robust AV testing and multivariate tests that Auto select the winning content to boost: opens, clicks and conversions. Not only can you leverage Iterable insights and experiments, but you can also integrate with other BI solutions to help maximize campaign performance.

Iterable is the most powerful growth marketing platform on the market today. We understand that every user case is a little different and we’d love to talk to you about how we can help. Interested in learning more about Iterable? Schedule a custom demo today!