Product Demo Video Script (202 words)

Welcome to Mission Control. You deserve a reward, yeah we’re talking to you, you’re a power user, you’re in our product every day doing cool things and we want to say thanks.

What is Mission Control? It’s our Ambassador Program. And why are we calling the Mission Control? Because this is where you get to be in the driver’s seat.

Give us product feedback, get early access to upcoming features, network with industry peers and get recognized and earn points while you do it! What do you do with the points? You redeem them for prizes, brand new swag, give cards and that’s not all earn enough points will fly to our headquarters in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara, California.

Here’s how it works. Sign on to your online portal and access challenges that can suit any time a commitment level from answering a few basic questions about yourself to doing a case study or joining a beta group. Complete a challenge and earn points.

Not interested in completing a challenge? Hit later and move on, is we all got other things that do. There are demos points for cool prizes, perks and privileges .

Mission Control. Earn points. Get rewards. Join the conversation.