Product Demo Video Script (199 words)

Welcome to the GoodData interactive demonstration, you are about to experience an example application, good flights enhanced by GoodData analytics.

GoodFlights was created by a software company serving the travel industry. The application helps travel agents curate a portfolio of preferred flights for large corporate clients it tracks flight history, travel preferences and generates statistics.

Their largest customers have been asking for better ways to visualize the flight performance and more information about travel and spending patterns, when this video ends you’ll be logging in as Jane a travel manager working in San Francisco California.

As you are guided through the application you’ll see how it’s been seamlessly enhanced with analytics by GoodData, you’ll see an embedded dashboard that can be customized by each user and a complete insight discovery tool that makes it easy for end-users to access the data but that was embedded with a single line of code.

Our platform enables data driven applications customized and delivered to potentially tens of thousands of end-users. At the conclusion of the guided portion you’ll be on your own to try out GoodData’s end user interface at your own pace, so get ready to experience GoodData analytics without limits.