Product Demo Video Script (366 words)

Things are about to change. We’re moving our IT support to Freshservice, but what exactly is Freshservice. Freshservice is a brand new way to contact your IT team.

Now all you’ll need to do is add it to Freshservice as a ticket. Freshservice assigns it to the right agent quickly, keeps you in the know while they work on it and sends you the final mail when it’s resolved.

Freshservice is a new way to get devices and other IT services quicker. Meet Kevin. Kevin is a marketer at Acme Incorporated and travels frequently for work, so he wants a MacBook Air. He logs into Freshservice where he can see all the things he’s eligible for in one place.

Here it is! He can see exactly how much it costs and when he can expect it. He places a request with a single click and now he can track its progress wherever he wants. Next day, Kevin gets his new MacBook well in time with conference next week. Freshservice is a brand new way to find solutions to your IT problems.

Zoe is the head of sales, she’s trying to print out last month’s report but that can’t be good. She needs the report for an audit, which is due in the next two hours. So she logs into Freshservice and since time is of the essence she decides to skip the whole ticket creation process and looks for a solution in the knowledgebase.

Bingo! She follows the step-by-step instructions, sure enough. Not only did Zoe save the day for her team, now she knows what it feels like to solve an IT issue. Your laptop maybe find one day and the next day might be feeling blue. Freshservice comes with a mobile app for situations like these, attach a quick picture and the IT agent will know what to do.

While they work on it you’ll stay in the know through push notifications and email, and once they bring your laptop back to life you can see the complete ticket summary. Don’t forget to give them a nice compliment it’ll make their day. We are moving our IT support to Freshservice and you’ll love it.