Product Demo Video Script (399 words)

Are you new to Freshservice? We know that you’re struggling a bit to get started. Don’t worry we’re here to help you. Let me introduce Sam, who is also an agent responsible for resolving and handling issues reported by the end users. Let’s take a look at how Sam goes about his job daily.

Once Sam reaches the office he simply logs into Freshservice to know his days work look. Apart from the default views he also creates his own widgets like scorecard that warns him when the number of tickets crosses a preset threshold.

While Sam is working Mark walks up to him and requests for a mouse. Sam quickly clicks on the ‘New’ button, creates a service request on behalf of Mark and works on. While Sam continues to work it just so happens that the Wi-Fi also stops working.

The employees raise multiple tickets. Sam keeps his cool and selects all of these similar tickets, sets the status and priority and there’s a canned response  with placeholders.

This way, he not only sends out both replies but also personalizes it. He just cleared about 20 tickets in two minutes. As he wraps up the emergency issue, he gets a call on fresh color, fresh works telephony too.

Sam sees that it is from Max another employee and picks up the call. The fresh color window shows Max’s previous tickets. Max requests for a laptop replacement.

Right from the window, Sam raises a new service request, how easy is that? Sam attaches Max’s existing asset to this request, adds a note saying ‘request for asset replacement’ and sends it out for approval to Max’s manager.

Once approved Sam gets a notification and soon enough Max gets his new laptop. With all the frenzy around it Sam feels like having a coffee in the middle of the day but as they say there is never a quiet moment in IT support.

Sam gets another ticket, which is the same old forgot password issue.Since Sam already had the Freshservice mobile app downloaded on his phone he gets a new ticket notification.

He clicks on it, replies by choosing a solution article that he has already populated in the system, sends it across, resolves the ticket and guess what? Sam also impresses his manager while still sipping his coffee. Freshservice has made Sam’s life easy. Try it out now!