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Account based marketing or ABM is about aligning sales and marketing to focus on the accounts that really matter. But how can marketing create the personalized experience is needed for ABM success and scale beyond a handful of strategic accounts? And with so many ABM solutions available, where do you start?

Marketo account based marketing gives you the three essential capabilities of ABM. With Marketo ABM you can target the right accounts, engage them across channels, and measure the impact of your ABM efforts. And because it’s an application on Marketo’s engagement platform you can easily extend your capabilities as you grow. Here’s how it works.

Marketo ABM gives you a complete view of ABM performance across your named accounts so you can coordinate with sales and prioritize activities. Let’s take a closer look at how Marketo ABM helps teams target and engage accounts then measure the results. You can target accounts that are synced from your CRM system, uploaded to Marketo ABM or auto discovered from your lead records.

Marketo ABM automatically Maps your leads and CRM contacts to your named accounts so your campaigns will reach the right people. Build a count list to target groups of similar accounts. Your account lists, named accounts and the people with them are now all connected in Marketo ABM.

Now that you have accounts to target, you’ll want to engage them with Marketo’s powerful cross-channel capabilities. Start by creating an audience. Just drag and drop any combination of accounts or person based filters to create your list. Add a variety of triggers to initiate campaigns the moment someone takes an action such as visiting the pricing page of your website.

Next, let’s create the set of actions we want to take in this campaign. Send an email or build more complex campaigns by adding more touch points to the campaign like text messages and direct mail. Engage sales reps with real-time alerts on activity within their accounts.

Now that we’ve engaged our target accounts let’s measure success. Marketo ABM gives you a complete view of your ABM analytics in a single place. Account lists dashboards show you which accounts are engaged and where you have pipeline so you can coordinate with sales for the biggest impact. Named account views can give account teams critical insights into their engagement strategies so they know who’s engaged and what’s working.

An email report of this account intelligence is conveniently delivered to account teams inboxes weekly. Now marketing and sales can move in lockstep together and win like a team. And it all begins with Marketo ABM which gives you the 3 essential ABM capabilities in a single application saving you time and hassle.

Plus Marketo gives you a ABM and powerful lead management capabilities in a single platform so you can scale ABM execution. Finally with hundreds of integrated partners Marketo’s LaunchPoint partner ecosystem can extend your capabilities as you grow.

That’s why ABM success starts with Marketo. To learn more about Marketo ABM please contact us today.