Product Demo Video Script (440 words)

So here’s the thing, Salesforce is only as good as the data you feed it but running endless searches, looking for leads and prospects and double-checking the informations even current searching and clicking and searching some more it gets old.

Then you’re filling out yet another blank Salesforce records what you found, pretty much the same thing over and over again, because at least it beats buying in stair lead your not sure you can even use.

Clearbit for Salesforce does the whole research and data entry think for you. You can set it up in a few clicks and when you’ve done that it brings all the Intel you need right into Salesforce.

It does that in a couple of ways: Prospector does one thing really well, start with some filters to narrow down the companies that might be a good match, then drill down into say a specific job title or department.

Prospector gives the information you need to make the connection with them like an email address and some background on who you’re contacting, leads add against existing records so you’re only creating fresh relevant contacts.

Enrichment takes things up a level, it draws on hundreds of sources pulling in more than 80 data points in real time.

Say you’re about to make a sales call, you can get a 360 view of your prospect from Clearbit’s widget, it puts the key facts and data you need right in front of you so you don’t need to root around for the information when you’re on a call but the data Clearbit pulls in can appear in a bunch of places you might find useful like your contacts, your leads and your accounts.

So, here’s a lead you don’t need to copy paste or fill out any of this stuff by hand. Clearbit does it for you, which is how it saves you hours a day you can otherwise spend on less tedious stuff like, you know, closing deals.

And Clearbit  doesn’t just work with your new records it also keeps all of your existing records up-to-date automatically.

Limits and reports too, which means segmenting your prospects and analyzing how all of those data points might lead to opportunity you can actually work with is now a bunch easier.

Basically Clearbit plus the Intel you need right where you’re going to use it most often. Leads accounts, contacts, reports and that would you be talked about for the sales calls.

Your first few enrichments are free so giving it a try is pretty simple. Grab it today from the appexchange, climate for Salesforce real-time business intelligence right where you need.