Product Demo Video Script (427 words)

We’re talking about Drift startups I love startups we are one!

So we’ve heard feedback loud and clear over the last probably year I’d say but as we’ve grown there’s been one group that we keep hearing from over and over and over, and it’s startups. We didn’t have a pricing plan that matched with the needs of a start-up.

The coolest part is it like this is a story that we’ve felt firsthand. Drift is actually what has helped us grow and so we our Drift which is a little bit meta but using Drift in the early days of our company, getting out there and talking to people visiting our website every day that was a #1 reason we’ve grown so fast and so we want to give that power to you as well.

All right, so let’s talk about the Drift first startups plan. The Drift startup plan is perfect for you if you’re a company with one to ten employees. If you’ve got one to ten people at your startup this is the right fit for you.

You also have to be venture backed or part of an accelerator so venture back if you are back by firms like CRV, General Catalyst, Sequoia or part of an accelerator. So that’s something like techstars, MassChallenge, Y combinator or anything like that.

And to get the Drift startup plan you also have to have raised less than a million dollars. If you raise more than a million dollars you can probably afford the other version of Drift so this will keep it below a million. We want Drift to be a key piece of what’s gonna help your business grow and reach that next level.

And the craziest part about the Drift for startups program slash plan is that you’re gonna get it for 95% off. It’s not a different feature set, we didn’t take out things, remove things and build a special plan, it’s the same power of Drift that you’re gonna get that we give to our big companies but you’re gonna get it for 95% off.

But it’s not just the price, you’re gonna get all the power of Drift on the team plan, all the features there if you check them out plus our bot. And this is why this is super powerful, we want to give startups a feature where they could basically automate their entire funnel so generating leads, booking meetings, closing deals that’s all possible for 95% off to the normal price on Drift. That’s Drift for startups. Let’s go in!