Product Demo Video Script (547 words)

Let me take you through the day in the life of a Teem office.

Hey, good morning.

Good morning to you as well, my friend.

I was just looking at the wireframes and I think I’ve figured out a solution to that problem we were [INAUDIBLE].

That’s amazing. If there’s a room available–

–that’s a fun word.

Yeah, of course.

Ah, I see how this is working, like an airport flight schedule without the delays and bad seatmates.

OK, done!

A remote employee is popping in for the day.

This space is amazing.

Yeah, it looks great.

Yeah, I love what you’ve done.

A guided tour to her office and a warm welcome. I present workplace experience at its finest.

Lights on, checked in. The room’s intelligent sensors recognize their presence, and Teem does the rest.

Oh, you know who we should get in here is Amber.

That’s a great idea.

Why haven’t we been doing this since the dawn of time? With Teem, updating meetings is easy, and all of the details are crystal clear.

Meeting-room tech knows exactly when to go on the fritz, but we’ve got that covered by making reporting issues easy.

That might have been the easiest work request in the history of information technology right there. And thanks to the Teem room display, Amber knows she’s entering the right room for this meeting. Is it strange that Amber is the only one with a name? No? Moving on.

Remember that work ticket from– let’s call her Kim. It’s sent right to the hands of IT who see the details, assess the situation, and easy fixes can be addressed right away.

Oh hi.

Hey. I saw a support ticket for the TV.

That’s how you break down friction and get more work done.

Hi, welcome.

Hi, I’m here for the interview.

Teem also provides a warm welcome to visitors with a self-guided check in. This saves time for everyone involved and improves security.


Her host is notified of her arrival. Our interviewee has everything she needs, and it all happens seamlessly in real time. Teem maximizes space utilization by freeing up rooms that are scheduled but not in use. That room is just calling out to them. How convenient.

Ooh, is that real leather– leatherette perhaps? Let’s ask Teem to book this room for 30 minutes. With our Alexa integration, users can interact with Teem using simple voice commands, making the platform accessible to everyone in your office.

Finally got that TV plugged in I see. Now off to the next. Wow, conveniently situated encounter with the boss.

This guy never quits. And we make sure this is data from Teem. Teem provides the tools that allow your people, places, and technology to work together better.

As these elements harmonize, Teem looks for patterns in all of that data to make recommendations on how to better utilize space and improve interactions within those spaces, like converting this underutilized office into a conference room.

Two more weeks.



While you’re doing your thing, Teem is working behind the scenes on your behalf, enabling the best utilization of space by integrating dynamic employee tools with existing office spaces and technologies.

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