Personal Video Script (488 words)

Hey, john Katie with Wistia here.

Sorry about that just flew in from my flight from Florence.

I know you were recently there as well. When you were there. Did you get a chance to check out the carousel and the Piazza del Republica?

Clearly I did. It’s only a euro 52 ride.

So pretty much a steal, was thinking of making this my LinkedIn picture. What do you think?

But I’m really excited to reconnect about Wistia. I know we chatted through a lot of topics for your marketing efforts.

Here. We’re using video a bit more. How do we generate net new contacts with our videos? And how do we also further nurture our current database? Definitely some things we’ll chat through today.

The first topic is Seo.

This is how we can start to attract net new traffic to our videos, Wistia automatically injects Video SEO for you. If you’re techniical and want to take a look at our API documentation, you definitely can.

If you’re not like myself, we do all the tricky stuff for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Once we have this traffic on our videos, how do we actually turn this traffic into leads?

with Wistia’s native turnstile functionality, we can ask for people’s first name, last name and email directly from our videos, we recommend putting this turnstile 10 to 20% of the way into your videos, so you give people a taste of what the video is about. And then as the lead becomes more qualified, we can actually ask for their information and put them directly into our database.

Using videos within emails is also really, really important. And not only can we customize the video thumbnail to have someone engaging with the camera, which increases click through rates. But we also found that including these video thumbnails directly within the emails,
increase our overall click through rates by 21.52%.

So while email open rates are important, click through rates are really the critical stat that we want to measure.

And video can play a huge part in increasing these.

Last but not least, we talked a lot about email marketing. And I know you’re on the hunt for either an email marketing or marketing automation platform.

And the good news is no matter which platform you choose, whether it’s a marketing automation platform like Marketa, or HubSpot, or an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp, we have integration. So all you have to do is tell us a platform that you choose, and we can hook you up with that integration.

So really excited to continue the conversation, hopefully officially welcoming you on board. And if you’re bored, please feel free to check out this video at the end of me riding a carousel and Florence. Hopefully that will will make you laugh. Thanks so much, John. Looking forward to welcoming you on board.