Onboarding Video Script (209 words)

Repsly scheduling feature allows the back office managers and field reps alike to schedule specific appointments and then verify whether or not they have been completed successfully. In the back office each representative and each client has a schedule tab in their profile, where managers can go to set the time and date of upcoming visits and assign each visit to a particular rep and client.

The visits can also be set to automatically repeated every week, month etc. The rep and client schedule tabs can be referred to later so managers can see at a glance which visits were completed and which were missed.

In the Repsly mobile app reps can open any client from their clients list and set appointments for themselves at that client for any future date.

They can also see what upcoming visits are planned for that client as well as the details of any activities completed in past visits.

Each rep also has their own calendar section within the app, which shows them all of their past and future visits for every client. With Repsly scheduling function back office managers and field reps can work together to ensure every client is visited at the appropriate time and that nobody falls through the cracks.